Byes and Free Entries

NameByesFree Entry
Ashley Baden3Yes
Darrell Davies3Yes
Lee Brook3Yes
Fabrizio Anteri3Yes
Manuel Luis3Yes
Nick Lote3Yes
Richard Parker3Yes
Yuri Stroilov3Yes
Adam Breeden2Yes
Alex Simmonds2Yes
Bartlomiej Tomiczek2Yes
Colomei Rares2Yes
David Inglis2Yes
Jack Barrett2Yes
James Cogbill2Yes
James Collins2Yes
James Keey2Yes
James Lawton2Yes
Joao Choca2Yes
Jonny Roberts2Yes
John Till2Yes
Konrad Stefaniec2Yes
Laura Dawes2Yes
Laura Dawes2Yes
Lazaros Mavridis2Yes
Mikey Brown2Yes
Laura Dawes2Yes
Nicholas Savage2Yes
Pedro Dores2Yes
Reggie Jbeili2Yes
Stephane Chaulet2Yes
Stuart Wright2Yes
Vicent Antoni Silvestre2Yes
Aaron Boyhan2No
Roy Raftery2No
Matteo Turris2No
Silvio Casu2No
Adrian Posoiu1Yes
Ahmed Yassin1Yes
Alex Watson1Yes
Ash Thompson1Yes
Chris Brown1Yes
Daneel Starr1Yes
Eduardo Sajgalik1Yes
Francisco Castanheira1Yes
Jason Savage1Yes
Jeremy Daigle1Yes
Joe Fletcher1Yes
Jonathan Randle1Yes
Lewis Marshall1Yes
Michal Zawada1Yes
Nathan Buckton1Yes
Sam Staton1Yes
Stefan Krick1Yes
Thomas Blutther1Yes
Tom Hume1Yes
Alex Bell1No
Alexander Ebinger1No
Alex Punter1No
Andrea Atzori1No
Ian Bennett1No
Maurizio Anedda1No
Robert Wagner1No
Russell Davies1No
Sam-luca Rolph1No
Shaun Butler1No

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