Mind Sports International is the driving force behind the Mind Sports Festivals and works to promote all of the positive aspects behind intellectual sports, helping to increase the popularity of these games with both new and established players. By bringing the world's most popular mind sports together, MSI gives leading brands and mind sports enthusiasts across the globe the opportunity to experience the very best mind sports events, in some of the World's most prestigious venues.

Dark Challenge is proud to have entered into Collaboration with Mind Sports International and we will be running a £1,000 cash prize pool Standard Heroic Challenge and £250 cash prize pool Sealed Brave Challenge at each of their monthly Academy sessions.

Mind Sports International will be hosting the £10,000 Academy Final Epic Quest at the MSI World Championships.

The Dark Challenge events at the MSI Academy sessions and the MSI World Championships are proudly sponsored by Manaleak. The team at Manaleak has worked tirelessly over numerous years to support the Magic community in the UK and whether you're a new player or a seasoned pro they offer advice, articles and a calendar of major Magic events in the UK.

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